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XnormL is a new concept in a music channel. It is a channel where we feature interesting recordings that we find, that find us, or we create. Some of the releases will be dance music, some dub, some electronica. If you are interested in experimental things, XnormL is a place to poke around. On July 17, XnormL and Les Techno are teaming up for the release of the electro house mix to Make You Feel Good. XnormL and Les Techno's collaboration, the Make You Feel Good Electro House Mix, represents a thrilling convergence of two distinct musical universes. Les Techno's raw and impassioned vocal talents meet XnormL's innovative electronic house flair, resulting in a spellbinding remix that captivates from the first beat to the last. For more information, contact Ted Sabety at ted@solidbassrecords.com.

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We work with some of the most talented and diverse musicians in the industry. Solid Bass Records is proud to represent the future of music. Get to know the amazing artists on our roster and listen to their music.

Les Techno

Les Techno is a highly versatile New York City-based musician who has made a name for himself as a guitarist, singer, and producer across various genres.

Spike Polite & Sewage

Spike Polite & Sewage NYC is an influential punk band originating from the turbulent streets of New York City's Lower East Side in 1991.


Stimulator, a name synonymous with the vibrant 90s electronic music scene, is a celebrated producer and recording artist best known for his ground-breaking deep house hit, "Are You A Freak?" featuring Linki Don.

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