Who is Les Techno?

Les Techno is a musician and producer from New York City who has made a name for himself in the music industry with his unique sound and impressive collaborations. Although he started out playing guitar and singing in various rock bands in the city’s music scene, Les Techno’s career has been diverse, spanning across genres and styles.

Les Techno’s extensive experience as a musician and producer has allowed him to master his craft, and his work with artists like Run-DMC, Mobb Deep, and Onyx showcases his skills in hip-hop production. He also wrote and produced records in other genres like reggae dancehall, techno, and Latin hip-hop. Les Techno’s willingness to experiment with different styles and sounds has helped him carve out his own musical persona.

Les Techno’s willingness to mix genres and experiment with different sounds has allowed him to create a unique musical identity. His collaborations with hip-hop royalty and work in various genres demonstrate his versatility and talent as a musician and producer. Learn more about Les Techno on our website or by visiting les-techno.com.